Benefits of High-Sleeper Beds

These days there are so many different styles of beds, we are spoilt for choice. One style of bed that has become popular in recent years is the high sleeper. High-sleeper beds are great space savers for smaller bedrooms or studio apartments, and children love the idea of climbing up a ladder to go to bed.

When choosing furniture for a child’s room you do not have to try to fit several different pieces into a cramped space such as used to be the case just a few decades ago. Children’s furniture designs for bedrooms have come on in leaps and bounds, and these days you will find a huge choice that not only looks fantastic with bright colours and themes that children love, but furniture that is also designed to maximize space. One type of bedroom furniture that does this brilliantly is high sleeper beds.

High sleeper beds for teenagers

High sleeper beds are ideal for teenagers who have a small bedroom but want to sometimes invite friends around and need a place to study. A high sleeper bed can incorporate a full-length wardrobe, drawers, shelving for books, and a computer desk. All these items will fit beneath the mattress, giving your teenager a convenient space where he has everything close to hand. Because this type of high sleeper takes up very little room, yet incorporates everything a teenager will need for storage and studying, there will surely be enough room left to place a chair that folds out into a guest bed in the event that your child should want to have a friend over to stay.

Mid sleeper beds for teenagers

Another option for a teenager’s room is a mid-sleeper bed; like a high sleeper it has storage space underneath the mattress. However because of the height, a mid sleeper does not usually incorporate a computer table, but it is possibly more beneficial if your teen has many clothes or bulky sports gear, because you will fit a lot more enter the storage space of a mid-sleeper, as you do not have to consider the room taken up by the table. A mid sleeper will usually incorporate a double chest-height wardrobe, several deep drawers, and plenty of shelving space.

High sleeper beds for younger children

Choosing a high sleeper bed for a younger child it is usually great fun, because they come in many bright colours and entertaining designs. You can also find those that follow a theme, such as a pirate bed, a princess castle, or a bed that is made to look like a boat. Needless to say, younger children love themed beds and combined with the idea of climbing up the ladder to go to sleep, any child will be over the moon with a themed high sleeper. They also are a great option for parents, as it is easy to tidy the child’s room and she will have all her belongings in a very compact space. Even bedrooms that are considered storage rooms because of their size, will often be able to contain a high sleeper.