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What Size Is A Queen Size Bed In The UK?

In the US, Queen Size is the equivalent of the UK King Size, a 5 ft or 60 inches wide bed. In the UK, the term Queen Size is not frequently used, although it may refer to a small double bed (4 ft) depending on where you shop. To avoid confusion, you are better asking for a bed by the number of feet you require, or using one of the recognised terms, rather than “Queen Size”.

Are UK And US Bed Sizes The Same?

No, there are differences, possibly due to the UK being relatively limited in space, and therefore UK homes tending to have smaller size rooms.

Which is the most common UK size?

Most people in the UK will either sleep on a 3 ft bed (standard single) or a 4 ft 6 inch wide bed (standard double).

Are All UK Bed Sizes Commonly Available?

Yes, you will find all the standard sizes from 2 ft 6 small single to 6ft Superking available in bed shops and online stores nationwide. Some shops will stock additional sizes, but be aware if you want a bed in a non-standard size, you may need to look at bespoke options.

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